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Confessions of a Teenager

Confessions of a Teenager

Romantic Comedy | English | 112 minutes

Las Entreprise

Alien Film Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Cristina Iacob


Adrian Sarbu, Daniel Iacob


Andrei Ciobanu, Alex Cotet, Cristina Iacob


Bogdan Iancu, Aggy K. Adams, Holly Horne, Basil Eidenbenz, Andromeda Godfrey, Leonardo Boudreau, Melanie Ebanks

La Bande-annonce


Confessions of a Teenager is a teen rom-com film adaptation of the best-selling novel "Suck it, Ramona". Andrei, the main character, tells the story of his adolescence as seen through his eyes, with the good and bad parts in it, with a healthy dose of humour and self-irony. The film portrays Andrei torn between the two girls he loves and how he’s forced to become a man. Who will he end up with? It's like choosing between ice cream and pancakes...

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