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Crossing Point

Crossing Point

Action/Adventure, Suspense, Thriller | English, Spanish | 89 minutes

Las Entreprise

Bleiberg | Dimbort

Cast & Crew


Daniel Zirilii


Shawn Lock, Pieter Myny, Daniel Zirilli


Paul Dominic, Shawn Lock


Jacob Vargas, Rudy Youngblood, Luke Goss, Tom Sizemore, Maria Gabriela de Faria, Paulina Gatian, Shawn Lock

La Bande-annonce


Michael and Olivia are Americans vacationing in Baja, Mexico when the trip takes a frightening turn. Olivia is kidnapped by a drug lord, who demands that Michael smuggle a bag full of cocaine--stolen from a rival cartel--over the border into the U.S. within 12 hours... or else Olivia will be killed. Suspecting something is awry, a driven Tijuana cop is on the trail of the missing drugs as well, sending them all on a collision course toward a breathtaking finale.

Starring Jacob Vargas ("Traffic," "The 33"), Rudy Youngblood ("Apocalypto"), Luke Goss (the "Blade" and "Death Race" films), Tom Sizemore ("Heat," "Black Hawk Down"), Paulina Gaitan ("Sin Nombre," Netflix's "Narcos") and introducing Shawn Lock.

Année d'achèvement