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Death & Compromise

Death & Compromise

Comedy, Western | | 21 minutes

Las Entreprise

High Octane Pictures

Cast & Crew


Brian Elder


Chris J. Knight


Brian Elder, John Hall, Jeremiah Olzman, Josh Hatfield


Brian Elder, Andrea Flowers, Jennifer Kendall, John Hall, Michael J. Rodriguez, William Instone, Bill Foster, Hunter Gustafson, Chris J. Knight, Robert T. McDorman, Chad Thackston, Brian Bogart, Autumn Caro, Macy Chanel, Don Daro, Tommie L. Ealy, Paul Grubb, Donald J. Hatcher, Trinity Johnston, Cliff Kammerdiener, Kevin Kinkade, David McKnight, Ronald Mercado, Bentley Mitchum, Sheriff Morales, CJ Morrison, Charles Motz, Jeremiah Olzman, Tom Procida, Derek Tyler, Steve Uzzell, Larry Welch, Michael David Yuhl, Dennis Allyn, Dylan Cimbala, Scott Fulmer, Zachary Gossett, Corbett Hall, Woody Wilson Hall, Carolyn Hoffmann, Luca Holloway, Samson Kealoha, Elizabeth Gribbon McCullough, Mike McCullough, Ronald Mercado, Bill Mixon, Jordan O'Neal, Steve Schmidt, Kelsey Summers, Glennis Wheat, Dhustie Zervakos

La Bande-annonce


Two outlaws make enemies out of a ruthlessly ambitious Deputy after embarrassing him infront of half the town. The Deputy frames the two for murder and sets the sheriff and the town against them. On the run from a vengeful lawman, the two are forced to team with a pair of cunning working girls who are just seeking out a little opportunity and freedom themselves. With the odds stacked against them the foursome must decide how far they are willing to go to survive.

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