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Drama | English | 85 minutes

Las Entreprise

Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Daniel F. Holmes


Vanessa Schaefer, Shauna Kavanagh, Emmet Ryan, Aidan O'Sullivan, Shauna Dineen, Lukasz Kozanecki

La Bande-annonce


A young Irish swimmer faces the race of her life when she discovers she's pregnant on the brink of the biggest competition of her career. "Dive" is an intimate look at one young woman's journey to make a life-changing decision. Set against the backdrop of modern-day Ireland, "Dive" offers an unflinching but balanced look at one of the most fiercely debated issues in public discourse today. Through the eyes of characters caught in the crossfire of Ireland's current set of laws, the film explored the weight of the decisions we make and the effects involved when those decisions are attempted to be made for us through law.

Année d'achèvement