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Dofus - Book 1 : Julith

Animation | French

Las Entreprise

Indie Sales

Cast & Crew


Anthony Roux, Jean-Jacques Denis


Anthony Roux


Anthony Roux, Olivier Vannelle


In the majestic city of Bonta, 10 year old Joris, leads a happy life in the magic shop of his adoptive
father, Kerub Crepin.
Yet the day Joris defies Kerub and meets his idol, Kahn Karkass, the Gobbowl superstar, a
strange feeling creeps up on him. Julith, the vengeful witch who vowed to destroy Bonta is back
and ready for battle. Soon fate will make Julith and Joris meet. Will Joris with the help of his friends
unfold the secret of his mysterious origins and save the magic city of Bonta?

Année d'achèvement