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Double Blind

Double Blind

Thriller | English | 90 minutes

Las Entreprise

Epic Pictures

Cast & Crew


Ian Hunt-Duffy


Simon Doyle


Darach McGarrigle


Pollyanna McIntosh, Abby Fitz, Shonagh Marie, Diarmuid Noeyes, Brenock O'Connor, Frank Blake, Akshay Kumar


Seven strangers enroll in a seemingly routine drug trial at a pharmaceutical facility, but soon discover an unexpected side effect - they are unable to fall asleep. Concerned for her patients’ safety, the supervising Doctor (Pollyanna McIntosh) advises the pharmaceutical representatives to stop the trial, though they are more interested in the drug’s potential on the market than the safety of some “lab rats”. As the drug’s effects finally begin to diminish and the participants grow tired, they realize that if they fall asleep, they will die. Chaos ensues when the facility suddenly goes in to lockdown, and the participants must fight to stay awake for another 24 hours, after already being awake for almost five days straight.

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