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Dragon Nest - Warriors' Dawn

Dragon Nest - Warriors' Dawn

Alternate Titles: Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon

Action/Adventure, Animation | English, Mandarin | 90 minutes

Las Entreprise

All Rights Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Song Yue Feng


Bill Borden


Terry Izumi


Grant Major

La Bande-annonce


The quiet land of Altera is inhabited by Humans and Elves but suddenly, freed from the dark mountains, groups of beasts attack peaceful human towns. This signals the return of the Black Dragon and the destruction of all of Altera. Decades of distrust have kept the Humans and Elves separated in Altera but an unlikely alliance is formed and a brave group of warriors take on a secret quest to the dark mountains. There they must steal back the powerful gem that rests in the chest of the evil Black Dragon before it awakens and unleashes its fury on the world of Altera.

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