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Alternate Titles: Ecos de un Crimen

Suspense, Thriller | Spanish | 84 minutes

Las Entreprise

Film Factory Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Cristian Bernard


Diego Peretti, Julieta Cardinali, Diego Cremonesi, Carla Quevedo, Carola Reyna, Florencia Gonzalez

La Bande-annonce


Best-selling suspense novel writer, Julian Lemar, goes on vacation with his family (his wife Valeria, her daughter Sofia and their baby child Santi) to an isolated cabin in the woods. The very first night a strong storm breaks out and the power goes off. A few seconds go by and a mysterious woman shows up in despair: her husband just killed her baby son and now he wants to finish her off too. From that moment on, danger and deception are a constant threat. And for Julian, a hellish night begins in his search to discover the truth.

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