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Erasing Eden

Erasing Eden

Drama | English | 76 minutes

Las Entreprise

Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Beth Dewey


Tina Pavlides


Beth Dewey, Justo Diaz


Breeda Wool, Ben Rovner, Suanne Spoke, Germaine de Leon, David Carrera, Carl Bressler

La Bande-annonce


A young woman plunges her life into chaos by drinking herself into a blackout the night before her wedding, facing the ultimate soul-searching. She decides her own fate, recognizing that she has the power to make or break herself. When Eden caves into social and familial pressures to marry Chris, she had no idea she was suppressing negative feelings about marriage until the night before her wedding. The last thing Eden remembers is ripping into one of her wedding presents and downing an entire bottle of scotch. After blacking out, Eden wakes up in the desert beaten nearly to death. Having no idea how she got there, Eden is determined to get herself to the wedding on time. With a broken jaw, she is now a mute ward of the lonely underworld of Los Angeles. Pridefully taking this journey alone, she finds kindness in the most unlikely places.
Stars Breeda Wool (Lifetime's 'Unreal', Amazon's 'The Betas') and Ben Rovner (“Area 51”). Directed by Beth Dewey, Erasing Eden explores themes of self-determination and features a mute protagonist who finds her inner voice. (2016, Drama, 76 min., USA)

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