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Action/Adventure | Polish | 200 minutes

Las Entreprise

Cinema Management Group

Cast & Crew


Cyprian T. Olencki


Marcin Zarębski


Mateusz Banasiuk, Weronika Ksiazkiewicz, Mateusz Damiecki, Lukasz Simlat, Wojciech Zielinski

La Bande-annonce


An event from the past separates the fate of three friends. Unexpectedly, in the life of David she appears again. Dzika - once the love of his life, now an experienced policewoman, makes him an offer that he can’t refuse. Either he becomes a police informant, or his brother will go to prison with a long-term sentence. Against the wall, David finally succumbs, and his main goal becomes to infiltrate in an organized criminal group. Coming back in the middle of a war for influence and money, he will have to face constant suspicion from Golden's old friend. He will soon discover that the world from which he tried to free himself draws him in with redoubled strength.

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