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Girlfriend for rent

Girlfriend for rent

Comedy | Russian | 96 minutes

Las Entreprise

All Media Company (A START Company)

Cast & Crew


Roman Karimov


Efim Petrunin, Lubov Aksenova


Mitya is in a real mess! He accidentally proposed to his beautiful girlfriend, and her overly excited, powerful father sets the date of the wedding right away. Everything would be perfect – except Mitya is already married!

He returns to his small hometown to get a quick divorce. But Mitya’s wife is cynical & vindictive. He abandoned her & now he wants to RE-marry? She will not make this easy on him. Mitya will have to fight tooth & nail for his freedom.

His hateful wife wants to meet the new woman in his life, but he can’t tell his fiancée about his wife! Mitya needs a girlfriend for “rent” & strikes a deal with a pretty bar girl - Nastya. His reluctant rental needs the money for her own wedding to her fiancé, a local tough guy & former rival to Mitya! Everything gets even more convoluted & crazy when Mitya’s ex-classmates get involved … to “help!”

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