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Alternate Titles: Le Missionnaire

Comedy | French | 91 minutes

Las Entreprise



Jean-Marie Bigard, France's top stand-up comedian, writes and stars in this snappy comedy about an ex-convict on an offbeat road to redemption. With the help of his brother, a priest, Mario the gangster becomes Father Mario to escape his former associates and is welcomed like the Messiah in a quiet village lost in the French countryside. Of course, Mario's arrival soon livens the place up.

Comic Jean-Marie Bigard brings rugged credibility and impeccably deadpan comic timing to the role of Mario, while, as his saintly brother Patrick, Doudi Strajmayster (the cross-dressing star of hit TV series
Samantha) hilariously falls foul of all kinds of delicious temptations.

Set in the beautiful Ardèche region of southern France, HALLELUJAH! is a smart rural comedy with big-city panache.

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