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His Master's Voice

His Master's Voice

Drama | Japanese | 95 minutes

Las Entreprise

GAGA Corporation

Cast & Crew


Hiroyuki Itaya


Hideaki Masuda


Hiroyuki Itaya


Taihei Hayashiya, Nayuta Fukuzaki

La Bande-annonce


Set in the Edo period, Sadakichi returns home to take a holiday from his work after being bullied at work. In order to cheer up their little son, his parents ask their gloomy looking neighbor Taihei, a former Rakugo storyteller, to give a performance for him. Sadakichi is deeply moved by his performance and hopes to become Taihei's apprentice. Taihei starts Rakugo lessons for Sadakichi and gives him a chance to perform Rakugo on a stage. As Taihei watches over Sadakichi trying hard for a stage performance, Taihei himself overcomes his past and finds again a delight in the storytelling. At last they promise each other to start over their life.

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