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House of Violent Desire

House of Violent Desire

Mystery, Thriller | English | 117 minutes

Las Entreprise

High Octane Pictures

Cast & Crew


Charlie Steeds


Charlie Steeds


Charlie Steeds


Carl Andersson, Rowena Bentley, Pete Cosgrove, Katie Davies-Speak


In a remote hilltop mansion, a mysterious stranger emerges from a thunderstorm in the night, seeking refuge. The Whipley family - four young adults ruled by their strict religious mother and their troubled father, who vanished the previous night – take the unexpected guest in, but perhaps the "stranger" is more connected to their family and the dark unknown history of the house then they could ever suspect. As the visitor begins to cultivate sexual tensions and paranoia within the house, the devilishly erotic history of the Whipley family threatens to lure them deep into lustful, violent madness once again.

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