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Drama | English, French, Serbian

Las Entreprise



Set against the conflict in Kosovo and mafia activities in Marseille, the story of a young woman battling to break free of her destiny.

As a witness and protagonist of horrifying events, Adria struggles to carve out a life for herself in a merciless world. Never free to plot her own course, she has a sense of trying to exist in a prison without bars. From air strikes in Belgrade to the underworld of Europe, from lust at first sight to just holding hands, Adria's attempts to find her balance
and identity are constantly undermined by the violent and mostly male environments she cannot escape. It's not her game but she's
learning fast...

Romance The Dark is the first feature by multi-talented actress, model and artist Rie Rasmussen who made her debut in front of the camera in Brian de Palma's Femme Fatale and more recently starred opposite
Jamel Debbouze in Luc Besson's soulful Angel-A.

Année d'achèvement