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I Used to Go Here

I Used to Go Here

Romance, Romantic Comedy | English | 100 minutes

Las Entreprise

Myriad Pictures

Cast & Crew


Kris Swanberg


Jordan Beckerman, Jonathan Duffy, Jordan Yale Levine, Kelly Williams


Kris Swanberg


Gillian Jacobs, Jemaine Clement


Her engagement is called off, her first book isn’t doing so hot, and all her friends are having babies. Kate Conklin (Gillian Jacobs) is in a real rut when out of nowhere she gets a call from her old professor, David Kirkpatrick (Jemaine Clement), asking her to come back to her alma mater to do a reading. She’s suddenly back at her old school, hanging out with college kids and getting into trouble.

Blending laugh-out-loud humor with heartfelt emotion, I USED TO GO HERE is a female-driven comedy with universal appeal.

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