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Jackie Chan Fantasia

Jackie Chan Fantasia

Alternate Titles: Jackie Chan's Fantasia

Action/Adventure, Animation | Chinese, English | 624 minutes

Las Entreprise

All Rights Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Tony Wong


Tony Wong


Tony Wong


Jackie Chan

La Bande-annonce


An animated Jackie Chan is protecting the seven holy weapons from getting into the wrong hands. Once upon a time, the holy dragon died and its body separated into seven parts. Those seven treasures hold enormous power and humans made them into seven holy weapons. Evil minded Dr. Black and Orbar plan to rule the world and manage to steal all seven weapons. But they need one more thing: Dr. Wong’s “eco- power slipper” to transform and use the power for their killing machine. Therefore they kidnap Dr. Wong. And here comes our hero: Jackie Chan. Him and his team quickly discover the dark plan and travel through time to stop them and defeat Dr. Wong.

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