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Drama, Family | English | 95 minutes

Las Entreprise

Bridgestone Multimedia Group

Cast & Crew


Mark Freiburger


John F. Ayers III


Mark Freiburger, Gary Wheeler


Ted Levine, Kelly Carlson, Patrick Fabian

La Bande-annonce


Based on the novel by best-selling, author Robert Whitlow, JIMMY is a story about a mentally challenged boy who views the world through his own unique lens. Through the course of life-changing events during one Fall season, Jimmy’s family and those around him come to fully realize his impact on their community. Jimmy’s world is a place where a boy can grow to be a man, even if he is “special”. Where angels hover, mostly unseen. Where danger can happen, and hearts can falter – but love is never wasted. Jimmy knows he’s different from the other teenagers in Piney Grove, Georgia. He doesn’t always understand what he sees and hears, but he remembers it all with uncanny accuracy, which is why his lawyer father asks him to testify in a crucial trial. Jimmy’s testimony saves the man from jail but has far-reaching consequences for himself and the people he loves. Filled with Southern characters at once familiar and unexpected, Jimmy is an extraordinary tale about growing up in the midst of real struggle.

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