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Journey to Yourland

Journey to Yourland

Alternate Titles: Tvojazem

Animation | English | 86 minutes

Las Entreprise

Beta Cinema

Cast & Crew


Peter Budinský


Peter Badač, Barbora Budinská


Katarzyna Gondek, Peter Budinský, Barbora Budinská, Patrik Pašš, Kristina Májová




Far beyond the borders of children’s playgrounds lies a wonderful fantasy world – “Yourland”. Here, monkeys and ravens talk, and wonderful machines, which work in perfect harmony with nature, roam golden deserts. Ten-year-old Riki runs away to Yourland from his home in the real world, following a mysterious emergency signal sent by a shiny stone. This source of great power, which everyone is eager to procure, hides in Riki’s heart. Who might Riki share his secret with? His new cheeky friend, Emma? Tidling, a monkey general? Kovoman, a powerful robot and advisor to the president, or the captain of a steamboat? Riki’s adventure-filled journey, to save not just his own lif,e but also the whole fantasy world, may begin.

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