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Joy Womack: The White Swan

Joy Womack: The White Swan

Documentary | English | 95 minutes

Las Entreprise

Reason8 Films

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Joy Womack

La Bande-annonce


The film follows several years of life of Joy Womack – a famous American ballet dancer. She is the first American to graduate from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy’s main training program, and the first American woman to sign a contract with the Bolshoi Ballet.

Joy grew up in a typical American family. She always wanted to be a ballet dancer and moved to Russia when she was 15 to follow her dream. Without a word of Russian, not completely fit for the physical requirements of Russian ballet dancers, Joy shows her strength and dedication to ballet and accomplishing her dreams. We follow Joy’s personal and professional life: from her daily challenges, injuries, performances to becoming a ballet dancer with Bolshoi Theatre group and then prima ballerina of Kremlin Ballet, where she has performance of her lifetime - Swan Lake, before closing this chapter of her life and leaving Russia to pursue new opportunities.

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