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Comedy, Horror | English | 88 minutes

Las Entreprise

MPI Media Group

Cast & Crew


Robyn August


M.C. Huff, Emily Hall, Tom Kiesche


Mattie and her three besties – Eddie, Jess, and Rae – head into the woods for a weekend to plan Mattie’s upcoming wedding and bachelorette party. Eddie, an unrelenting practical joker, leads them to believe they will be setting up camp near Mattie’s hunky fiancé, Jagger, and his friends. They soon realize the tent they’ve snuggled up next to belongs to a mysterious recluse named Mr. Rogers.

With zero cell phone reception, their weekend camping trip is beginning to look like a bad idea for these unhappy campers. But it only gets worse when people start to die and a terrible secret is revealed. All these girls wanted was a killer pre-bachelorette party… and that’s exactly what they got.

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