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La Vie Magnifique de Charlie

La Vie Magnifique de Charlie

Comedy, Drama | English | 87 minutes

Las Entreprise

Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Bobby Huntley


Kortnee Price, Lailaa Brookings, Nikki Lashae, Ashley Evans, Kai Ture

La Bande-annonce


La Vie Magnifique de Charlie (aka The Charlie Movie), is the tale of a young woman's journey of self-discovery, in the midst of personal tragedy. After the untimely death of her sister, Charlie struggles to find normalcy in her day to day life. However, throughout several zany encounters; the help of her two best friends Kaylah & Keturah and special guidance from the spirit of her half sister Brandy; Charlie learns how to overcome her grief, confront her past and embrace her "Black Girl Magic", over the course of one long arduous day!

Année d'achèvement