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A Lesson in Magic

A Lesson in Magic

Action/Adventure, Comedy, Family | Ukrainian | 90 minutes

Las Entreprise

Adler & Associates Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Liliya Soldatenko


Alexander Leydiker


Violetta Mitev, Ilya Choporoc, German Barer, Elena Yashenko

La Bande-annonce


Four teenage friends uncover an ancient scroll that proclaims: “Get the Power of the Crystal Eye and will have everything you’ve ever dream about... Sorcery reveals the hidden power in the mysterious language of animals and birds… all are subservient to the Master of the Crystal Eye’.

The friends wind up trapped in the middle of a treacherous game between Sorceress and Witches from different worlds. Will true friendship be the strong enough magic to save them or will the powerful dark forces prevail?

Année d'achèvement