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Life's an Itch

Life's an Itch

Romantic Comedy | English

Las Entreprise

Showcase Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Kevin Kent


Kevin Kent


Kevin Kent


Ali Cobrin, Kathleen Quinlan, Lin Shaye


Roger, a thiry-something father of two, has reached the point in his life when he questions everything: his creativity, his career and even love. In this 7th year of marriage, Roger's wife, his two children and mother-in-law take off to Hawaii on vacation. Roger is looking forward to getting caught up with work with no distractions only to find that his wife has offered their guest house to her "old" Yoga instructor. Making matters worse, when she arrives, this "old" yoga instructor turns out to be the young, open minded and enchantingly beautiful Gillian, who is naively unaware of her affect on men. Under his nosy neighbor's watchful eye, Roger must try to keep his pants on, survive these 7 days and avoid the 7 year itch.

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