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Little English

Little English

Romantic Comedy | English, Punjabi | 98 minutes

Las Entreprise

Resource Productions

Cast & Crew


Pravesh Kumar


Dominique Unsworth, Lesley-Anne Macfarlane, Andrew St Maur


Pravesh Kumar


Rameet Rauli, Viraj Juneja

La Bande-annonce


Trapped inside her new in-laws’ home, Simmy, a young woman from Punjab who speaks little English must try to adapt to her new dysfunctional family. Completely alone as her husband Raj runs away on the day of the wedding, Raj’s wayward brother, Harry, returns from prison on home detention and an unlikely friendship between Simmy and Harry begins to bloom. As Gurbaksh, Simmy’s mother-in-law, ramps up the search for her absconding son, Raj, Harry breaks his curfew and takes Simmy out of the house on a romantic trip where Simmy sees beautiful England for the first time. Just as Harry finds the courage to tell Simmy how he feels, Raj returns home to uphold his promise and wedding vows. Will Simmy be the forgiving Indian wife that her community expects her to be or will she follow her heart.

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