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Alternate Titles: Marseilla

Drama | Spanish | 95 minutes

Las Entreprise

Latido Films

Cast & Crew


Belen Macias


Marta Esteban


Belen Macias


Maria Leon, Goya Toledo

La Bande-annonce


Sara -a biological mother- and Virginia -a foster mother- share a 9-year old daughter, Claire. When the girl was just four, Sara lost her custody because of her problems with alcohol and drugs. Instead she went to live with Virginia and Alberto, her foster parents whom she considered her true family since then. Five years later, everything changes when a judge decides to return the girl to Sara, after she manages to straighten her life and find a stable job. Taking advantage of the summer holidays, Sara and Claire travel to Marseille in search of the biological father, whom Sara has not seen since she became pregnant. They have very few clues and a long journey ahead, and they must also get to know each other after so many years apart. The problems start when Virginia manages to join them and both mothers begin an emotional and ruthless struggle for the daughter they both share.

Année d'achèvement