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My Best Friend

My Best Friend

Action/Adventure, Comedy, Family | English | 100 minutes

Las Entreprise

MultiVisionnaire Pictures

Cast & Crew


Paul Della Pelle


Paul Della Pelle


Paul Della Pelle, Erika Kao-Haley


Patrick Muldoon, Catherine Bach, Alexis Rosinsky

La Bande-annonce


Every teenage girl wants a horse and a BFF with a sense for fashion and teenage dynamics. Kristen is the luckiest 13-year-old in the world -- she has it all. Moving away from the city and her best buddy Ashley, Kristen and her father Allen arrives at grandma Pearl’s country ranch. Now Kristen has to adjust to a new life on the ranch, to new friends and a totally different style of fashion. With the help of her new BFF -- a talking horse named Stanford, she’s finally fitting in. Stanford, being a beauty himself, helps Kristen out as they become inseparable. But, sometimes even best friend can be a little bit jealous of other friends, too.

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