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One Million K(l)icks

One Million K(l)icks

Action/Adventure | German | 98 minutes

Las Entreprise

Evolutionary Films

Cast & Crew


Alex Padrutt


Ruediger W. Kuemmerle, Mike Leeder, Markus R. Vogelbacher


Marco Theiss


Mike Moeller, Martin Baden, Bartholomaeus Kowalski, Volkram Zschiesche, Yanlong Li

La Bande-annonce


Mike Schneider, a fighter with a heart of gold and a temper with a short fuse, finds himself drawn into an underground martial arts tournament. The fights are streamed on the internet and his online fan-base soon swells, much to the delight of the unscrupulous promoters controlling the fights. But after one fight results in Mike being stabbed and admitted to hospital, he tells the promoters that he intends to quit fighting. They, however, have other ideas and Mike soon finds his life is on the line for the entertainment of viewers streaming the fights across the internet.

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