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Drama | Japanese | 119 minutes

Las Entreprise

GAGA Corporation

Cast & Crew


Emiko Hiramatsu


Erika Toda, Sakurako Ohara

La Bande-annonce


A nursery teacher Kaede and her colleagues evacuate from Tokyo with their 53 infant students before the city is devastated by air raid at the end of WW II. At their evacuation home which turns out to be a ramshackle temple, teachers struggle to build the daily life of young children now apart from their parents. While the threat of bombing is pending, a young teacher plays her organ to relieve children’s fear and loneliness.

Based on a true story, director Emiko Hiramatsu who has worked with Director Yoji Yamada over the years shows the power of music, which helped the young and adult to endure the tough time together.

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