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People With Issues

People With Issues

Comedy, Drama | English | 100 minutes

Las Entreprise

Nandar Pictures, LLC

Cast & Crew


Dan Siegelstein


Dan Siegelstein, Jeff Storms


Elle LaMont, Josephine McAdam, Tanner Kalina, Jordan Elsass, Katy Erin, Sarah Joy Byington, Chad Warren

La Bande-annonce


Equal parts comedy and drama, People with Issues follow three artist friends - a cartoonist re-assessing his life after a near-death experience, a guitarist overwhelmed by his girlfriend's personal baggage, and a bassist emerging from a long-term relationship - as they reconcile their artistic ambitions with their own personal demons. Comic book writer/illustrator Darren drinks excessively and womanizes freely - until he nearly suffers a heart attack. Seeing how close he came to facing death, Darren realizes how little progress he's made toward achieving his goals. Jack and Aaron are musicians in a band - a band with no drummer - a happenstance they think pales in comparison to the need for a cool band name. When Jack is not working on music, he works at a public library with Roberta, who he's keenly admired for some time. Just as they begin getting serious and she falls for him, Jack begins to get second thoughts about her. Even with the help of Aaron's friend Jen, who sets him up on several ill-fated dates, he can't get a break. Until he realizes that Jen is the girl he desires most. While he and Jack prepare for an audition for an upcoming music festival, Aaron pines for Jen to become something more.

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