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Comedy, Drama, Romance, Romantic Comedy | French

Las Entreprise


Cast & Crew


Cédric Klapisch


Bruno Lévy


Marion Barbeau, Hofesh Schechter, Muriel Robin, Souheila Yacoub, Denis Podalydes, Pio Marmaï, François Civil


From director Cédric Klapisch, RISE guides us through the worlds of classical and contemporary dance with a young woman's journey from success to rock bottom and back. An inspiring story of resilience featuring beautiful dance performances, charming supporting characters and the gorgeous scenery of Paris and Brittany. Elise thought she had the perfect life: an ideal boyfriend and a promising career as a ballet dancer. It all falls apart the day she catches him cheating on her with her stage backup; and after she suffers an injury on stage, it seems like she might not be able to dance ever again. The path to physical and emotional recovery will lead her away from Paris to a picturesque location in Brittany - where her friends, a new love and the freedom of contemporary dance will help her reconnect with her father and most importantly, herself. A heartwarming and inspiring story that tells us how sometimes, the worst thing that could happen may turn out to be the best.

Année d'achèvement