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SDI: Secret Department of Intervention

SDI: Secret Department of Intervention

Action/Adventure | English, French | 120 minutes

Las Entreprise

Glass House Distribution

Cast & Crew


Sébastien Baccala, Thomas Khawam


Aurore Planas, Thomas Khawam, Pierre André

La Bande-annonce


Secret agents Mike, Stan, and Chloé, tasked with retrieving a stolen briefcase, discover it holds a secret map to hidden World War II treasures. Betrayed by their own French Minister of Defense and hunted by a former Marine, Vogel, the team faces internal conflicts and danger. As alliances shift, secrets unravel, and battles ensue, they must thwart Vogel's plan to claim the treasures, setting the stage for an international treasure hunt filled with unexpected twists and unresolved romantic entanglements.

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