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Thriller | English | 84 minutes

Las Entreprise

Evolutionary Films

Cast & Crew


Peter Blach


Hayley Medwell, Peter Blach


Peter Blach, James Abbott


Jessica Hynes, Gabrielle Sheppard, Adam Radcliffe

La Bande-annonce


In a run down seaside town, Geoff looks after his alcoholic, wheelchair-bound partner Janet and her daughter Violet, and he loves taking care of his beloved 8-year-old granddaughter Lily. One day Geoff is confronted by an aggressive stranger wearing a mask camouflaged with bird feathers and teeth, who runs away leaving a note from Janet's other daughter Rose, who has returned after disappearing 8 years ago. The tension in the household intensifies when a brick smashes through a window and a threatening message is scrawled on the house. Rose has indeed returned with Thorn, her mentor and protector and also the stranger who attacked Geoff. Thorn pushes Rose towards violence and Geoff barricades the house, forbidding anyone to leave. Rose’s campaign of intimidation continues while Geoff’s measured life spirals out of control. Why has Rose returned and what is Geoff really scared of? As the seagulls settle for the night, the 8-year-long rift between Rose and Geoff is about to be settled – once and for all.

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