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Seer 3

Seer 3

Action/Adventure, Animation, Comedy | Mandarin | 103 minutes

Las Entreprise

All Rights Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Wang Zhangjun




Wang Zhangjun


Young Ou

La Bande-annonce


The Spiral Galaxy is home to the beautiful planet Nars. Once every ten years, it is hit by toxic haze from outer space. When it happens, the sacred tree of Nars bears a miracle fruit – the fruit of light, which radiates a form of special light that could dispel the toxic haze and protect the ecological balance of Nars.
The Agia people living on Nars have been the guardian of the sacred tree for generations. Right before the toxic haze descends on the planet, Nars gets invaded by space pirates, who are after the fruit of light. In order to save the threatened planet, Seer sends Sai, Attida and Kalulu on a mission to seek out the four legendary warriors – the King of Thunder, Ley, the King of Shadow, Blake, the Fighter, Gaia, and the Warrior, Cassius. Once gathered, the four warriors travels to Nars to fight the pirates who have brought along a fearsome wizard, Colberto...

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