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Alternate Titles: Acciaio

Drama | Italian | 95 minutes

Las Entreprise


Cast & Crew


Stefano Mordini


Carlo Degli Esposti


Stefano Mordini, Giulia Calenda


Anna Bellezza, Francesco Turbanti, Matilde Giannini, Luca Guastini


On this side the steel mill works non-stop, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

On that side is the Elba Island, a dreamed-of paradise of happy families.

In between, neither here nor there, are Anna and Francesca on the bank of their secret beach. Grown up little girls, they are living their last summer of innocence before high school. Being beautiful while growing up in the working-class outskirts is hard and the only way to get by is to stick to their friendship that is as exclusive and powerful as love can be. Love is what keeps Alessio, Anna's brother, going. Factory worker to the core, he firmly believes in the labour values. Sure, it pays poorly but it gets you to bed stinking of clean sweat. Alessio could have every girl in town but his thoughts are set on the only one he has lost, his dream, Elena. One day love strikes, powerful and unexpected for all and life starts speeding, until it cracks, bleeds and breaks. Far behind the youth's world live the parents. Resigned and cruel, models the kids swear never to resemble. On each one of them inevitably lies the constant cycle of steel that no matter what, can never stop.

Année d'achèvement