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Swipe Fever

Swipe Fever

Romantic Comedy | English | 100 minutes

Las Entreprise

Access Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Nathan Neuman


Matthew Critchfield, Mark Forstater, Nathan Neuman, Jon Stahl


Sam Jordan Dudeck, Nathan Neuman


Fin MacMillan, Tessa Bonham Jones

La Bande-annonce


Watch as Val reluctantly enters the world of dating apps and gets sick with Swipe Fever as he obsessively tries to find the one...

Unfortunately the only person to help Val with his love life is his over-sexed roommate who offers terrible advice…

Despite living in such liberated times, when people are free to finally be themselves, Val finds it impossible to connect and find true love. Until he meets Drew… An aspiring actress who bolts into his life with the gift of true love, unbeknownst to Val and seemingly, herself...

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