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Tazza: One Eyed Jack

Tazza: One Eyed Jack

Drama | Korean

Las Entreprise

Lotte Entertainment

Cast & Crew


O-kwang KWON


Jeong-min PARK, Seung-bum RYOO, Yu-hwa CHOI, Kwang-soo LEE

La Bande-annonce


'Il-chul' is one top of his game when it comes to playing poker. One day, he goes after one big score and takes out loans but loses everything and ends up with a massive debt. He's about to lose his hand for not being able to pay back the debt and barely saves become a poker shark himself, Il-chul begs 'One-eyed' to teach him everything he knows and joins 'One-eyed' team.

'One-eyed' team is also planning a big score and the game goes according to their plan until a single mistake puts the entire team into a life and death situation.

Année d'achèvement