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The Dead Spit of Kelly

The Dead Spit of Kelly

Black Comedy, Thriller | English

Las Entreprise

Myriad Pictures

Cast & Crew


Iain Softley (Skeleton Key, Inkheart, Backbeat, The Wings of the Dove, Hackers)


Johnny Ferguson


Jason Isaacs (The Patriot, Hotel Mumbai, Harry Potter franchise), Colin Morgan (The Happy Prince, Legend, The Huntsman: Winter's War), Jessica Barden ("The End of the F***ing World", Hanna, The New Romantic)

La Bande-annonce


A vibrant and anarchic dark comedy that celebrates life springing from death. In turn-of-the-century Dublin, a diligent and dedicated taxidermist named Murphy (Morgan), is tormented by his boss, the cruel and volatile Kelly (Isaacs).
In a volcanic argument, Murphy finally loses his temper and accidentally kills Kelly. To hide his terrible crime, Murphy must use his extraordinary skill to "become" Kelly, donning his skin and living a double life. As he loses himself further within Kelly, he risks the few things Murphy had—his good reputation and the love of schoolteacher Miss Poe (Barden).

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