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The E-Listers: Life Back in the Lane

The E-Listers: Life Back in the Lane

Comedy | English | 91 minutes

Las Entreprise

High Octane Pictures

Cast & Crew


Michael Mueller


Clayton Nix


Edward Reid


William Tokarsky, Shekeb Sekander, Paul Barlow Jr., Jilian McLendon, Keller Fornes, Ashley Ames, Amie Kieffer, Becky Holt, Sissi Kal, Lindsey Raelle, Rick Papaleo, Fred Galyean, Vinny Costa, Serene Lee, Elle Matarazzo, Ashley Uecker, Debi Hett-Kimsey, Cathy Wheeler, RayJay Serrano, Corey J. Grant, Michael McIvory Jones, Sparky Bell, Will Marshall Blanton, James Burch, Roy Beecham, Troy Beecham, Crystal Mardis Johnson, Edward Reid, Joshua Norris, Jennifer Radosevich, Lisa Botzong, Tamika James, Valerie Crenshaw

La Bande-annonce


A uniquely funny movie about the personally unusual lives of background extras as they trudge through an often ironically painful life as the third-class citizens of the entertainment world. Hollywood's unwanted but needed third world step children, The E-Lister's.

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