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The Hidden Town (Chapter 1 & 2) (working title)

The Hidden Town (Chapter 1 & 2) (working title)

Suspense | Mandarin | 70 minutes

Las Entreprise

Universe Films Distribution Co., Ltd

Cast & Crew


Wen Hua Xue


Ardy Lam


Si Wen Gao, Pei Chi Cai, Qing Zhang, Wen Wen Jiang


〔Chapter 1〕Detective Shi Shen (by Cai Pei Chi) is sent is investigate a murder case involving the mystic herons. He turns to the practitioner Bai Qingluo (by Gao Si Wen) and the newly acquainted bird painter Bai Ling in the Hidden Town for help…

〔Chapter 2〕The long-dead courtesan girl Xie Xiaowan and her doppelgangers are indicted for a murder. Shi Shen hurries to the Hidden Town, in hopes that Bai Qingluo could help him unearth the truth.

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