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The Lost Girls

The Lost Girls

Drama, Fantasy | English | 100 minutes

Las Entreprise

Myriad Pictures

Cast & Crew


Livia De Paolis (Emoticon ;))


Livia De Paolis (Emoticon ;))


Livia De Paolis (Emoticon ;)), Joely Richardson (The Turning, Red Sparrow, Snowden), Vanessa Redgrave (Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Foxcatcher, Atonement, Howard’s End), Iain Glen (Resident Evil franchise, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, “Game of Thrones”), Emily Carey (Wonder Woman, Tomb Raider), Louis Partridge (Netflix's Enola Holmes, Paddington 2)

La Bande-annonce


THE LOST GIRLS chronicles four generations of Darling women as they struggle in the aftermath of their adventures with Peter Pan in Neverland. By looking at four generations of Darlings and how they evolve through different times, THE LOST GIRLS speaks to the changing perspective of women of all ages as it contemplates the contradictory human yearnings for freedom and safety in a moving story of motherhood, re-enchantment and love.

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