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Magical World of Andrew Bennett, The

Magical World of Andrew Bennett, The

Fantasy | French | 94 minutes

Las Entreprise

High Octane Pictures

Cast & Crew


Kévin Payet


Frédéric Perchet


Geoffrey Petit-Jean-Genat


Geoffrey Petit-Jean-Genat, Frédéric Perchet, Cédrick Spinassou, - David Vigroux, Eric Pfaff, David Delayat, Guillaume Beylard, Camille Lebreton, Candice Tiret, Derek Simon Robin, Tara Martinez, , Mickaël Collart, Tommy-Lee Baïk, Matthieu de Carvalho, Avner Peres

La Bande-annonce


Hunter of cursed books and forbidden grimoires, Andrew Bennett comes to town following a series of violent murders the police can't solve. With his mysterious magical doorway and the help of the local inspector Hobbs, Bennett chases down the hidden mastermind behind the murders. Its soon discovered that dark magic rituals leads to a much more sinister and world ending plan. Can the doorkeeper solve the mystery before it's too late?

Année d'achèvement