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The Naked Screen

The Naked Screen

Alternate Titles: La Pantalla Desnuda

Drama, Psycho-Drama, Romance | Spanish | 93 minutes

Las Entreprise

All Rights Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Florence Jaugey


Florence Jaugey, Frank Pineda


Florence Jaugey


Paola Baldion, Oscar Sinela, Roberto

La Bande-annonce


The Naked Screen is about a friendship, which turns into obsession for one of the characters and pushes him to use technology and social networks to destroy a love story that stands between him and his friend. The story takes place in Northern Nicaragua, land of traditions and coffee farms. Octavio, a young student from a poor family, becomes friends with Alex, the charismatic son of one of the region’s wealthiest families. Octavio’s fascination with his new friend makes him want to sideline anyone who comes between the two of them. But Alex is in love with Esperanza, a university classmate, and to have a memory of their passion, he uses his cell phone to film them making love. Octavio ends up with the phone and spreads the video all over town. From that moment on, nothing will be the same and the life of the two lovers will be devastated.

Année d'achèvement