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The Night Owl

The Night Owl

Drama, Suspense, Thriller | Korean | 113 minutes

Las Entreprise

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Cast & Crew


Tae-jin AN


Kang-jin LEE


Kyu-ri HYUN, Tae-jin AHN


Jun-yeol RYOO, Hai-jin YOO


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A period drama film, depicting Joseon Dynasty in Korea. Kyoung-su is a skilled acupuncturist, but a blind one who can only see a little at night. Right after Kyoung-su joins King Injo’s medical team, the prince comes back after 7 years of living in Chung dynasty. Due to a long journey coming back, the prince becomes ill, and the king’s doctor brings Kyoung-su to heal him. However, while Kyoung-su is doing his work, he finds out the king’s hidden secret which might change everything that the king owns. Could Kyoung-su be able to save everyone and himself?

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