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The Trade

The Trade

Action/Adventure, Documentary, True Story | English | 61 minutes

Las Entreprise

Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Matthew T. Burns


Matthew T. Burns


Matthew T. Burns


Nick Mondo, Drew Gulak, Rory Gulak, Matt Tremont, Joey Janela

La Bande-annonce


Far beneath the theatrics of mainstream pro-wrestling lies an unspeakably dangerous sub-culture where barbed wire, fluorescent light tubes and even fire are incorporated in the performances. In the early 2000s, 'Sick' Nick Mondo was rapidly ascending the ultra-violent ladder of the death-match wrestling world. Then suddenly, he abandoned all he had worked for and disappeared. A decade later, in 2013, Nick was drawn back to the ring out of concern for a younger wrestler who had vowed to carry on the Mondo legacy. The Trade is a sobering look at the impact destructive living can have on those watching from the sidelines. With scenes filmed in Tokyo on Halloween... inside rings filled with broken glass and thumbtacks... and even deep within an abandoned Japanese ghost town, The Trade is a surreal journey into places most would otherwise never experience.

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