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Action/Adventure, Thriller | English

Las Entreprise

Highland Film Group

Cast & Crew


Daniel Casey


Tim White, Trevor White, Allan Mandelbaum, David M. Wulf


Daniel Casey


Dane DeHaan, Sophie Turner


Brilliant young tech-savvy thief Cole (Dane DeHaan) has a highly specialized skillset and uses it to commit robberies from his laptop. When Oscar, a criminal with a dangerous past, discovers Cole’s expertise, he forces him to hack into the young, seemingly wealthy Sarah’s (Sophie Turner) bank account and empty it of nearly a million dollars. In a chain of brutal action and deadly consequences, Cole soon discovers that a powerful, mob-connected lawyer has been using Sarah to hide his money. Seeking to bail her out of danger, Cole falls hard for Sarah and initiates a plan to replace the stolen money and run away with her. Ignoring warning signs that something greater is at play, Cole soon finds himself pulled into an elaborate web of lies, deceit and betrayal. Will he be able to spin the tables on them all and have a chance to be the last one standing with all the money? Maybe, if he can stay alive that long.

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