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A Man in a Hurry

A Man in a Hurry

Alternate Titles: Un Homme Pressé

Comedy | French | 100 minutes



Cast & Crew


Hervé Mimran


Matthieu Tarot


Christian Streiff


Fabrice Luchini, Leïla Bekhti


Alain is a powerful and respected businessman at the height of his career, with no room in his schedule for such trivial matters as family and fun. A massive stroke jumbles his speech, making everything he says difficult or impossible to understand and often hilarious. In order to save his career, he needs the help of a young speech therapist named Jeanne. But the work requires learning patience and Alain gradually comes to understand that a whole part of his life has so far passed him by.

Going back to the essential, taking a break, listening to oneself…
A powerful man facing a difficult situation he can’t control: exasperating for him and very odd for his entourage.
Hervé Mimran brings together a formidable duo in a film that is as amusing as it is touching.

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