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A Thousand Lines

A Thousand Lines

Alternate Titles: Tausend Zeilen

Drama | German | 92 minutes


Beta Cinema

Cast & Crew


Michael Bully Herbig


Sebastian Werninger, Hermann Florin


Hermann Florin


Elyas M'Barek, Jonas Nay, Marie Burchard, Michael Ostrowski


Lars Bogenius is the undisputed star of a major German news magazine. A master of big, emotional stories, the publishers view the award-winning journalist as their great hope for putting an end to the declining circulation figures, but his polished public façade hides a lie. Only one vigilant journalist, Juan Romero, realizes that something is not right and begins to follow the clues. He is confronted by resistance at every turn, but to get to the truth he puts his career and even his family at risk – In the end, he manages to bring the scandal to the attention of the public eye and the deception finally comes to an end.

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