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Assassin X

Assassin X

Alternate Titles: The Chemist

Action/Adventure | English | 102 minutes


Princ Films

Cast & Crew


Art Camacho


Richard Grieco, Patrick Kilpatrick, Olivier Gruner



Steele, an engineer – turned assassin, uses his unique skills and talents to eliminate his targets swiftly and quietly. He lives by a code of only killing those who somehow deserved it. Believing Steele is aging and slowing down his employer assigns an Apprentice, Blaine, a ruthless psychopath to eventually replace Steele. Along the way,  Steele meets a beautiful college student Gabriela for whom he soon discovers – is his next target. After years of being very successful assassin, Steele becomes emotionally involved with Gabriela and finds himself torn between protecting her and doing his job by – killing her. Blaine is now given the assignment to eliminate both Gabriela and Steele. They both become targets in this fast paced battle of assassins until a well kept secret is suddenly revealed and, for Steele, that changes everything he thought he knew about his life and people that surround him.

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