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Catch Me Daddy

Catch Me Daddy

Thriller | English, Punjabi | 107 minutes


Altitude Film Sales

Cast & Crew


Daniel Wolfe


Mike Elliott


Daniel Wolfe, Matthew Wolfe


Sameena Ahmed, Conor McCarron, Gary Lewis, Wasim Zakir


A girl in her late teens has run away from her family with her drifter boyfriend. Holed up together in a Yorkshire town on the edge of the moors, they live a hand-to-mouth existence. Aaron's AWOL from the army, while Laila knows her family won't let her run without a fight. Two carloads of bounty hunters roll into town asking questions and flashing a photo of Laila. Hardmen hired by the girl's father with her brother in tow. They find her. There's a confrontation. Her brother is killed. The stakes have gone up. They've got to get out of town. They head onto the moors, pursued by men who will stop at nothing to bring Laila back to Daddy. Propelled to a violent conclusion, father and daughter come face to face in a terrible confrontation.

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